Pee Wee: Ages 5-8

This is a beginners class that is focused on developing your child’s understanding of the martial arts. Respect, Self-Discipline and Determination are practiced in every class all while boosting your child’s physicality, coordination and balance. Basic kicks and punches, break falls and tumbling skills will be developed in preparation for more advanced classes. The Juniors class also includes reality based self-defense and grappling. Physical contact is to be expected. (There is no contact between students in the Pee Wee class).


Little Ninjas: Ages 3-4

This Class serves as wonderful and fun introduction for your child into the world of Martial Arts. The objective of this course is to develop coordination and balance while also instilling respect and discipline in a small group environment. Basic punching and kicking, as well as tumbling and gymnastic drills are used in conjunction with listening and direction following games.

Adult Mixed Martial Arts

The MMA class is an open floor training session that includes Muay Thai, Kicking Boxing, Grappling, Ground and Pound, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling. Our Fight Team has competed in over 50 professional fights and had tremendous success in King of the Cage, Rumble on the Rez and Chaos in the Cage.

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