Back To School!

09/09/13 0 COMMENTS

All of our students are back in school now and it is important as parents that we help to get them on task and to keep them there! It does not take long for a child to fail behind then to get frustrated and before you know it things have gone from bad to worse. Personal Responsibility and Time Management are keys to our children’s success and by instilling this we as parents not only help our children do better in school, we also help bring harmony to our households. By making things such as gaming devices and cell phone use a reward for GOOD WORK it will teach our children to earn their privilege to use and to have such things.

Our Children need our guidance and discipline and this sometimes means making tough decisions.
As their Sensei I want to help in anyway possible to make this a great school year so if there is anything I can do, please feel free to contact me!

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